Fete si baieti

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  • There Was a Little Girl (adjective, grade de comparatie)
  • Little Tommy Tucker (prezent si viitor simplu, inclusiv interogativ)
  • Little Boy Blue (interogativ)

Tom Tom

Tom Tom,
The piper's son.
Stole a pig and away he run,
The pig was eat,
And Tom was beat.
And Tom went crying down the street.

Smiling Girls, Rosy Boys

Smiling girls, rosy boys,
Come and buy my little toys; 
Monkeys made of gingerbread,
And sugar horses painted red.

Little Jack Horner

Little Jack Horner,
Sat in the corner,
Eating his Christmas pie.

He put in his thumb,
And pulled out a plum.
And said, "What a good boy am I!"

Little Polly Flinders

Little Polly Flinders
Sat among the cinders
Warming her pretty little toes!

Her mother came and caught her,
And whipped her little daughter,
For spoiling her nice new clothes.

Little Miss Muffet

Little Miss Muffet 
Sat on a tuffet, 
To eat her curds and whey.

Out came a spider 
And sat down beside her, 
And frightened Miss Muffet away.

There Was A Little Girl

There was a little girl
Who had a little curl,
Right in the middle of her forehead.

When she was good,
She was very, very good,
But when she was bad, she was horrid.

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