Animale domestice diverse


  • Bow, Wow, Says the Dog (vocabular, interjectii)
  • I Had a Little Pony (past simple, pronume, would)
  • If I Had a Donkey (if clause, would, interogativ)
  • I Had a Little Hen (past tense - vb. neregulate)

To Market, To Market

To Market, To Market,
To buy a fat pig.
Home again, Home again,
Jiggety jig.

To market, to market,
To buy a fat hog.
Home again, Home again,
Jiggety jog.

I Had a Little Hen

I had a little hen, the prettiest ever seen,
She washed me the dishes, and kept the house clean;
She went to the mill to fetch me some flour,
She brought it home in less than an hour;
She baked me my bread, she brewed me my ale,
She sat by the fire and told many a fine tale.

If I Had a Donkey

If I had a donkey
That wouldn't go
Do you think I'd beat him?
Oh, no, no!
I'd put him in a barn
And give him some corn,
The best little donkey
That ever was born.

Piggy On The Railway Lines

Piggy on the railway lines, 
Picking up stones. 
Down came the engine 
And broke piggy’s bones.

Aah! Cried the little piggy 
That’s not fair. 
Oh! Cried the engine driver 
I don’t care!

I Had A Little Pony

I had a little pony,
His name was Dapple-gray,
I lent him to a lady,
To ride a mile away.

>She whipped him, she slashed him,
She rode him through the mire;
I would not lend my pony now
For all the lady's hire.

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